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back massage

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beauty salon

Face treatment in our air-con rooms with natural products and herbs. Most of our customers, both men and women, love our treatments. Prices are very low comparing to the prices in Western or other Asian countries like Japan. Face treatment, manicure, pedicure, masks: our very experienced staff know exactly how to do. Most of them already work a long time, e.g. 10 years or more- as beauty specialist. Enjoy, relax and feel yourself beautiful and happy aftwerwards.

face treatment in our air-con rooms

facial massage
60 Baht
infrared light for disinfection
60 Baht
facial cleaning with herbs
60 Baht
facial care with fresh fruit
60 Baht
aerosol and deep cleaning
60 Baht
face compress
60 Baht
herbs pack
60 Baht
skin refreshment with cucumber
60 Baht
nourishing cream
60 Baht
all these nine treatments together in a package
ONLY 300 Baht

only for woman?No way, we have many male customers!!
So, take your chance while you are on holiday. But we see a lot of men that, sometimes hesitating, enjoy the benefits of our treatments. And why not? It is safe, clean and you feel good after one or more of our treatments. So don't feel embarrased but make the best of your holiday in our beauty salon. So, take your chance while you are on holiday.For a goofd price, no risk because of the use of natural materials and a staff that knows what they are doing..

masks, eyes and pedicure& manicure

Jasmine mask for wrinkles fragile Dry skin
700 Baht
actif mud mask
400 Baht
hot mask
400 Baht
sea weed mask
400 Baht
tinting eye lasher (eye brow or eye lash)/extensions
250 - 1200 Baht
curling eye lashes
450 Baht
tattoo eyebrow
1500 - 2000 Baht
tattoo eyelids
1200 - 2000 Baht
manicure or pedicure
150 - 350 Baht

nail salon

Classic Spa Chair Free massage funcuion 15 min.

Classic spa Manicure scrub 800 B.Only (สปามือ)
400 Baht
Classic spa Pedicure scrub 800 B. Only (สปาเท้า)
400 Baht
Classic spa Manicure and Pedicure Set 1,600 now  800 only
800 Baht
Basic Manicure
200 Baht
Basic Pedicure
250 Baht
Basic Manicure and Pedicure Set 450 now  400 only
400 Baht
French Basic Manicure (เล็บมือเฟร้น)
250 Baht
French Basic Pedicure (เล็บเท้าเฟร้น)
300 Baht
Color nail / Set (ทาสีเล็บอย่างละ 100 B.)
100 Baht
Color nail French (ทาสี & เฟร้น)
150 Baht
Scrub & remove the skin
150 Baht
Shellace Gel nail polish 600 now  500 only
500 Baht
Shellace Gel manicure 800 now  700 only
700 Baht
Shellace Gel pedicure 900 now  750 only
750 Baht

Nail extensions 1800 baht: now only  1,300 Baht
French extensions 2000 Baht: now only  1,500 Baht

Nail Set 450 only 400


nail painting
Open daily from 09.00-01.00 a.m.

Shewa Spa
108/2 Rambuttri Road,Banglampu Bangkok 10200, Thailand
tel. : +66(0)8 5959 0066
Fax: 2816007
open daily from 09.00-01.00 a.m.
Shewa spa

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