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Massage school

In Thailand we are proud of our massage. Massage is an essential part of our culture and way of life. In every place in Thailand you can enjoy the benefits of "Nuad Thai". The attention for our health, body and mind is reflected in this treatment.
Some of our customers asked us about the possibility to learn the principles of Thai massage, oil massage or foot massage. Our pride was tickled by those requests, so we decided to develop some courses. So, If you really want to learn the basic principles of massage, we can help you!
For a course you need 30 hours of study and practice. For the best results you need 10 days of study and practice for about 3 hours a day. But if you don't have 10 days, we could make a program for 5 or 6 days.
Of course the price we ask includes materials like a towel, a book and a notebook. Our staff is trained in Wat Pho (Bangkok), the most famous instruction center of Thailand for traditional Thai massage. That's why we can guarantee top quality at Shewa Spa!! Of course they followed courses for foot massage(Reflexology) and oil massage too. In Shewa Spa we have four teachers, they are your personal assistant during the course and they give you all the support you need. In our air-conditioned rooms they give courses in Traditional Thai massage, oil massage and foot massage (reflexology).
A short overview
  • 3 different courses
  • 20 hours course for Traditional Massage: 5000 Baht
    20 hours course for oil massage: 5000 Baht
    20 hours course for foot massage: 5000 Baht
    these prices are fixed and all materials are included!!
  • a 10 day-course, but shorter can be arranged
  • a staff of qualified teachers
  • you are coached by a personal teacher
  • you work in clean and air-conditioned rooms.




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