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Just thinking about what his treatment would be like.That also means that we came to this place where rabbits do not shit from the comfortable capital.If the salary is not high at the time of slimming pills that work 2013 the final assembly, then I will definitely not work here for a long time.Chen Dongshan is at this point.On it, it was naturally the same as Zhang Lianying thought.He is about to retire, so Best Fat Burning Ingredients he can t pay less and less before he retires Yes, if the wages of the two of us are not as high as the final assembly, then we will report to the superiors together, and we will never suffer here.At this point, the two thought of a piece again, which is worthy of similarities.No matter what they think, they can always reach an agreement quickly, and there are few differences.Hey, Old Chen, what kind of person is this kid Zhao Zhongyao How will the best appetite suppressants over the counter we deal with this kid in the future It seems that he doesn t seem to be a fuel efficient lamp.In the contest, Zhang Lianying felt that although Zhao Zhongyao was young, he felt that he was very mature, and his gestures did not look best diet pills for diabetics like a young man.In front of the two old experts, new pills there was no polite posture either, and it was clear that they were not taken seriously.I don t know, but we have already competed with him just now.I feel that this kid is not easy and difficult to deal with.From Zhao Zhongyao s words and behaviors, Chen Supports the body’s fat excretion processes Best Fat Burning Ingredients Dongshan felt that this young man saw something The mature and strong temperament made him, a person who has experienced many big scenes, feel that the aura that exudes from Zhao Zhongyao is very powerful, making him, an old expert, somewhat irresistible.Yeah Damn, this kid seems to be only in his twenties, but how he speaks makes people feel like a middle aged man in his forties or fifty.His words and deeds reveal something An irresistible force.Zhang Lianying also had a head on contest with Zhao Zhongyao, and he truly felt an aggressive aura from Zhao Zhongyao.Lao Zhang, what do we want to do after you say it We can t really let this kid pinch it We are all what is phenadrine well known old experts in the whole army.Could it be that Zhao Zhongyao has developed several missiles Do you want to press on us Chen Dongshan thought about working here in the future.If he has been constrained by Zhao Zhongyao s management, he would really feel a little uncomfortable What else can I do Let s take one step and say one step However, he Zhao Zhongyao is only one person, and we are two at any rate.Could it be that we two can t beat him alone.Zhang Lianying didn t know how to deal with Zhao Zhongyao., I just thought, they are two people, and Zhao Zhongyao is alone, no matter how they fight, do they seem to have a lot of people That s how it is said, but Zhao Zhongyao is the director of the best diet supplement for weight loss factory and our leader in this small factory.You said, he wants to deliberately rectify us, then what else can we do Should we fat loss drugs openly fight him Although Chen Dongshan feels that Zhang Lianying has something to say, think about it, Zhao Zhongyao is the director of the factory, and they are now under others.

Talking nonsense.Little Sun, what nonsense are you talking about If there are wild boars, you will say there are wild boars.How come there will be wild wolves in a while Don t talk more and more serious.Wait a while, you still have to say that there are tigers in this valley When Dongshan heard David Sun say this, he became a little over the counter pills for weight loss unhappy again.He is most afraid of some beasts.Upon hearing drugs for weight loss australia David Sun s alarm in front of Director Zhao, he complained about David Sun again.I m just speculating I didn t say that there must be.Sun David saw that Chen Dongshan was upset, so he murmured again.Okay, stop best otc weight loss pills for women arguing.It seems that this place is not safe.In the future, everyone should not go out casually.Zhao Zhongyao thought, since there are wild boars in the valleys in this area, such large beasts, maybe it will be.There is a beast like a wild wolf Oh, we see, we won t go outside in the future.Sun David saw that Zhao Zhongyao was very worried about everyone, and golocom review he also promised not to go out.Director Zhao, it s actually not a bad thing to have a wild boar.If we can bring a wild boar back, wouldn t it be possible to improve everyone s food Zhang Lianying was still thinking about the fat of the wild boar This time, although he didn t hit the wild boar, he still wanted to keep working hard Really But boiled egg cutter if you want to improve the food, you don t have to go hunting I will ask the superiors for instructions to add some meat to everyone.Zhao Zhongyao didn t want everyone to have accidents because of hunting, even if he was injured.The director is also Best Fat Burning Ingredients This is another all-natural weight loss pill that is fit for everyone. OptiTrue Keto Burner is also available for people with food sensitivities since it is made gluten-free and fit for vegetarians. It targets fats instead of carbs to promote healthy but fast weight loss. responsible.Manager Zhao, ordinary pork and wild boar are not comparable.I heard that the nutritional value of wild boar is several Burn stored fat Best Fat Burning Ingredients times that of ordinary pork.It is especially suitable for mental workers.It is helpful for improving weight loss with prozac thinking ability.Zhang Lianying thought very much.After eating wild pork, he started to tinker in front of Zhao Zhongyao.There is some truth to what you said, but we don t have any weapons to use Now some large scale equipment and machine tools are not in place, and even guns cannot be studied.What kind of hunting is used.Just use the grenade you developed, I am afraid it is not good Didn t you just say that the wild boar is not far away from the grenade you tried to explode, top 10 metabolism boosters but the wild boar was beyond blood sugar diet reviews not injured at all Best Fat Burning Ingredients after the grenade exploded.What s the use Even if we want to meizitang botanical slimming reviews eat game, can t we use the wild boar Zhao Zhongyao also knew that wild pork is better than ordinary pork.But he also knew that it was not easy to catch wild boars in the wild.Director Zhao, the grenade developed by Chen Gong and I is not very good.Why don t you design an advanced grenade to try Hey, didn t you say you want to compete with us What happened to the grenade you designed Is it well designed Zhang Lianying was only thinking about hunting for the past two days, and he forgot what Zhao Zhongyao said before about developing a grenade against him and Chen Dongshan.Now when it bepic weight loss pills comes to the grenade, he remembered it again.

This is true.A great opportunity, as long as Zhao Zhongyao can take the Best Fat Burning Ingredients lead in amphetamine diet pill phen375 buy researching the atomic bomb, then he will definitely get the Nobel Prize in this world This can more or less make up for his regrets in the past.So, this time, he When Director Liu said that he wanted to continue military research and compete with country Best Fat Burning Ingredients M, he wanted to develop an atomic bomb again.Director Liu, so to speak, the higher level leaders mean the same as you, they just want to develop the economy first, and then engage in the atomic bomb.Zhao Zhongyao knew that although Director Liu said these words from what is the best blood pressure medication with least side effects his mouth., But these words must not be decided by Director Liu himself, it must have been decided by his superiors.Yes, what I said to you was decided by superior leaders, even our national leaders.Right now, we still don t engage in atomic bombs.We must first develop our economy and wait until the preluden diet pills country s economic strength rises.After reaching a certain level, it s not too late to engage in atomic bombs.Director Liu, on behalf of the superior leaders, talked to Zhao Zhongyao about the understanding of leaders.The current superior leaders intention is to develop the economy first, and then engage in atomic bombs.Well, since I am a member of the equipment department, I naturally have to listen to the superiors.You can do whatever you want It s just that I feel that the position of the director of t complex side effects the machinery factory can be held by anyone.Why do you want me to be an official I still can t figure this out.I was born with no interest in being an official.My hobby is doing scientific research, doing research, and learning.Why let me be an official I don t Best Fat Burning Ingredients have this.Interested, I don t know if Director Liu can take back this fate.Although Zhao Zhongyao promised to follow the leadership s arrangements, he still wanted to shirk his job as the director of Jianghai Machinery Factory.Because he really doesn t have this interest, let him do research, let him be an official, he is a little unhappy.Zhongyao, you still don acid tablets effects t quite understand what I Burn stored fat Best Fat Burning Ingredients mean.Let me tell you that your superiors asked you to be the director of Jianghai Machinery Factory, which was also carefully considered.Don t think that Jianghai Machinery Factory is just a machinery factory., It is not only a machinery factory, but Appetite control to reduce calorie intake Best Fat Burning Ingredients also a military factory.Externally, we will hang the Jianghai Machinery Factory sign at fit tea fat burner side effects the entrance keto slim diet is there a diet pill that really works of the factory, but internally we call this factory the 308th base directly under the Ministry of Equipment.This is not only a The factory is also a military industrial base.At supplement for hunger control the same time, higher level leaders let you be the director of this machinery factory, which is also a belief and test of your ability.Now all military systems in the Increase metabolism for faster weight loss Best Fat Burning Ingredients entire army know that you, Zhao Zhongyao, are A star in the military industry The higher level leaders have entrusted you with important tasks, and that is why you have seen your ability There is a very important reason for the higher level leaders to let you be the director of the factory.

Li Nansong really didn t pay attention, but now his eyes widened in surprise.Director Zhao, they how they came to work, they were willing how to lose weight really fast without pills to come.Li Nansong couldn t understand for a while, these two old guys were not willing to even Lowers cholesterol levels Best Fat Burning Ingredients mens meal plan for weight loss have a meeting, provitalize weight loss reviews how could they come shred x pills to the workshop to clean up.You said, would they be willing to come and clean themselves This is for me to grab it.Zhao Zhongyao was in front of Li Nansong, and naturally would not give the two old guys face, and directly said that his name was Chen.Dongshan and Zhang Lianying came to clean calorie pills up.Director Zhao, so are you.People are Burn stored fat Best Fat Burning Ingredients experts and they are still old, so why let them what vitamins are good for metabolism and weight loss do this rough work Li Nansong looked at Zhao Zhongyao and said.To be continued.Chapter 393 Assigned Task Li Nansong weight gain products sold at walmart Regarding Zhao Zhongyao s asking Chen Dongshan and Zhang Lianying to come to the workshop for cleaning, he also felt that Zhao Zhongyao had done a little too much Li Nansong, it s not that I did too much, but that these two (LEAN-XT Non-Stimulant Fat Burner) Best Fat Burning Ingredients old guys did too much.They didn t want to live with the workers at all, let alone communicate with them.How could they develop this kind of thinking Advanced weapons.The advanced weapons in the world are not all made by military experts themselves It is impossible for those who design missiles to produce dr oz natural appetite suppressant missiles by themselves.If they want to produce missiles, from drawings to real objects, That would be impossible without the cooperation of experts and Best Fat Burning Ingredients workers.We have not keto diet pills side effects started to develop weapons at our base.If we don t correct the thinking of some people now, how can it be possible when we officially start producing weapons How can there be no contradictions when the task is successfully completed.What I did this was to Weight Loss: Best Diet Pills at [MensHealth] Best Fat Burning Ingredients allow them two old guys to get along with you technical workers.Only in this way can we successfully complete the task of developing weapons assigned to us by our superiors.You don t need to take my broomstick, if you drug for weight loss want to behave, just go and show it in front of two old guys Zhao Zhongyao knew that he did this.It made sense.It was definitely not just because he had a feast with Chen Dongshan and Zhang Lianying.Well, I m going to get close to the two old guys.After Li Nansong finished speaking, he turned and walked towards Chen Dongshan and Zhang Lianying.Besides, two old guys, Chen Dongshan and Zhang Lianying, came to this workshop with a swallow and worked with the workers They were pretending to be grandsons in front of Zhao Zhongyao., Because I was afraid that hydroxycut to lose weight fast Zhao Zhongyao would punish them.Now that they came here to work, the two of them naturally started to complain again.Old Chen, how will this fucking life go on in the future Zhao Zhongyao, this bastard seems to be deliberate.If we can t get through with us, we always try to fix us.Zhang Lianying picked up a wooden stick from the ground while chatting with Chen Dongshan beside him.Yes Our life will be difficult in the future.How Zhao Zhongyao looks at us is not pleasing to our eyes, but we have to be careful in the future.

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