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But after these tourists came, they Slim 5 Diet Pills needed accommodation and rest.This place for lodging and rest.Of course it is the Seven Star Village.At that time, all the Natural Weight Loss Capsules Slim 5 Diet Pills farmers in Qixing Village will no longer have to go to farm.They can all Block fat production Slim 5 Diet Pills invest in this tourism industry.In this way, this Qixing Village can quickly get rid of poverty and become rich.They are no longer farmers.Can be transformed into a citizen.Moreover, they are relatively metabolism booster review wealthy citizens.It s just that Zhao Zhongyao is no longer responsible for these tasks.He assigned this job to Cheng Yu.Originally, Vice President Chen was responsible for the work of moving the mountain.But that job, in comparison, is not a particularly important job.The reconstruction work after moving the mountain is the very main task.Zhao Zhongyao intends to let Cheng Yu be responsible for this matter.After all, Cheng Yu is the other most important person in charge of the Feitian Group besides Zhao Zhongyao.And that Vice President Chen became Cheng Yu s assistant now.He has to listen to Cheng Yu s arrangements.Of course, he is also the main person in charge.When Cheng Yu is not on the scene, everything depends on Vice President Chen.It s just that this is a major event, so he still Slim 5 Diet Pills has to discuss it with Cheng which is stronger adderall or phentermine ab pills Yu.Now Zhao Zhongyao called Cheng Yu to his office.Cheng Yu, the next step is to be divided into two steps.The mountain moving work on the ground is over.The next task is to build the Moon City Park.This is also a very important job.I think you and Vice President Chen will be responsible.Of course, you are the main person in charge.Vice President Chen also listens to your arrangements.I will garcinia cambogia slim system reviews design the overall design of this Lunar City Park.After I design it, you can just construct it according to this design drawing.This Lunar City Park project is also another tourism project invested by our Flying Group.Our Feitian Group will gradually transform from a manufacturing company to a travel company.Tourism will be the most promising business in Enhance Your Mood Slim 5 Diet Pills the future, and our company must keep up with the situation.Of course, it will never be outdated when manufactured.When we live in this world, we always need some food, clothing, housing and transportation.Our Flying Group will side effects of taking hydroxycut continue to retain some traditional manufacturing operations.But the focus of our future work will be on the tourism industry.After the lunar city on water pill reviews the moon is built, we can shift the focus of our work from the earth to the moon.At that time, we will still mainly develop tourism.However, our tourism industry will not be limited to the earth.We want to build tourist bases on the moon and other planets.Many planets in the entire solar system will have our tourist bases.What we want to develop is not only lunar herbal nutrition pure forskolin extract tourism projects, but also tourism projects for the entire solar system, and even tourism projects for the entire Milky Way and the outer galaxy.Of course this is a relatively remote thing.It can only be regarded buy orlistat cheap online as lori shark tank products our longing.What we have to do right now is to build a real lunar city on the moon and a lunar park on the ground.

There is still a lot of information about the universe that cannot be learned this way.Just like Zhao Zhongyao and the others just saw the collision of black fog and iron core asteroids, if you don t come in space, you would never imagine such a traffic how to get adipex diet pills accident in space.When everyone learned about such a miraculous thing, they started to move ultimate weight loss cocktail reviews on again.Zhao Yuan and Sun Mei also photographed the black fog just now.After returning to Earth, you buy rapid tone can also do further research.And Cheng why does phentermine stop working Yu also recorded what happened just now on the computer.This was the first magical thing they encountered perscription diet aids in space today.After returning to Earth, they can also take out this Slim 5 Diet Pills flight priceline rapid loss log and do further research.Zhao Zhongyao continued to fly forward with the flying saucer.The route he chose this time ally speed was the same as the flight route of the spacecraft they launched earlier.The reason why he has to go this way again is because Zhao Zhongyao still wants to see that mysterious big iron ring.Because only by seeing the mysterious big iron ring first can you find that mysterious super spaceship.Zhao Yuan and Sun Mei also heard Zhao Zhongyao talk about that mysterious super spaceship.And said that this time they went to the moon to explore, it is Unique new weight loss supplement Slim 5 Diet Pills to personally understand this aspect.After experiencing the black fog incident just now.Zhao Yuan became more interested in the mysterious (Evogen Evolog) Slim 5 Diet Pills things in the universe.Originally, he thought that in this universe, except for some large planets, it is difficult to see some small celestial bodies.After all, they are going to the moon.Between the moon and the earth, there are no other celestial bodies.The distance of 380,000 kilometers should have been empty.But what Zhao Yuan couldn t think of was that they had only flown one hundred thousand kilometers and encountered such a miraculous thing.Thinking of what Zhao Zhongyao told them about the super spaceship made by the Venusians, Zhao Yuan was also very interested.Imagine how amazing the spacecraft that is big enough to pull the moon is.Mr.Zhao, how far are we from that huge super spaceship.Can we meet that super spaceship Zhao Yuan began to think about that super spaceship.Almost arriving soon, that super spacecraft should be 300,000 kilometers away from the earth, in other words, it may be more than 80,000 kilometers away from Say Goodbye Fat Slim 5 Diet Pills the moon.It should now be regarded as a moon water pills prescription s satellite.It revolves around the moon non stop.The slim bodies jumper we blue stomach pill fly this time is the same as the flight path of the phentermine topiramate side effects spacecraft we launched last time.We should still be able to see the mysterious big iron ring.If we can see legal fat burners that mysterious big iron ring, we can find that mysterious supership.But all this is just a story now.Is the content of this story true Only slim tea reviews when we find the big iron ring first can we find the clue to uncover diet pills safe for diabetics the truth of this magical story.As long as we Supports the body’s fat excretion processes Slim 5 Diet Pills can still find the big iron ring, we can follow the vine and find that super spaceship.Just find that super spaceship.We can conclude that the things recorded in the Shan Hai Jing are also true and not random fabricated.

What can we do if people treat us as enemies Zhao Yuan was a little worried anyway.Haha, Zhao Yuan, don t doctor prescribed appetite suppressant you think your worries are unnecessary.Zhao Zhongyao looked at Zhao Yuan and said.Mr.Zhao, why do you say that My worries are unnecessary.Zhao real weight loss pill Yuan said still very puzzled.These Venusians may have been in this underground space for thousands of years.You said, do they still beat people Zhao Zhongyao can be sure that these people are no longer ordinary people.Although they are Venusians, they are certainly not alive.Zhao Zhongyao said that, Zhao Yuan also felt that his worries were a little redundant, and these Venusians were definitely not normal living people.After all, they cannot survive in this confined space for thousands of years.Then what are we waiting for, since they are all dead, then let s come and take a look Zhao Yuan was not afraid of anything after hearing what Zhao Zhongyao calotren bad reviews said.Well, let s go and take a look.After Zhao Zhongyao finished speaking, he led Zhao Yuan and the others to the middle of this space.This is where a lot of people gather.Due to the large space, Zhao Zhongyao and the what is a good diet pill for belly fat others walked more than a hundred meters before they reached the vicinity of those people.Just now they only saw a lot of people in this place, but now, what they saw was in the middle of this place, there was a big pyramid in the stairs.This great mountain of pyramids is easy to think of the Sun Pyramid tab a reviews in the remains of the Mayan concave weight loss pill civilization.That is a nine story building.The pyramid in front of me how to get prescribed phentermine is also the same as the pyramid of the sun in the remains of the Mayan civilization.It is also divided into nine layers.It s just that this pyramid is even taller.And the entire pyramid is magnificent, and I don t know what it was made of.It looks very beautiful anyway.Below this pyramid, there are many people.These people are wearing strange clothes.These clothes are all black.The style is similar to the ancient Hanfu.There is also a bun on the hair.It s just that their looks are different.Their appearance is obviously an image of rhinoplasty related to the Mayan civilization.The entire bridge of the nose is uplifted, which is very different from the people on earth.And these people are now kneeling around the entire Great Pyramid.They all lay hands on the ground, and then knelt there.They all raised their heads, looking at something at the top of the pyramid.And on the nine steps of the pyramid, there are many people.It s just that these people are not kneeling, but sitting.It s just that they all folded their hands together, looking up at the thing at the top of the pyramid, and they all looked very religious.And the thing at the top of the pyramid is something like a crystal coffin.Chapter 1390 The Underground Pyramid is just that, they are all clasped together, looking up at the thing at the top of the pyramid.They also dress better than those kneeling below.It s just that the expressions are the same as those of ordinary people below, and they are all very religious.

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When Zhao Wei transported these small animals to the diet plan with garcinia cambogia moon city.Then, together with some technicians, when releasing these small animals from the cage where they were shipped.They all ran into the bushes alive and well.Especially a big cock.When it is released from the cage.It is obviously at a loss.First, I looked around for a while.After that, he stretched his neck oh oh oh yelled a few times.It seems to be satisfied with this new environment.After that, the big rooster flew up suddenly and flew to the branch of a nearby tree.This is a very strange thing.You must know that chickens generally cannot fly.Although they have wings, they generally can t fly.At most, when jumping from a height, you can borrow wings to prevent yourself from being injured.But they rarely fly directly from the ground to the branches of big trees.But these chickens are different on the moon.The gravity of the moon is only one sixth that of the earth.Although they only used the same power as when taking off from the earth.But if they are on the moon, they can easily fly to the branches of big trees.Haha, chickens can fly on the moon Zhao Wei laughed happily when he watched that big rooster fly to a la trim plus side effects big tree.Wow After the big rooster flew to the branch of the big tree, he stretched his neck and cried again.It seems that I am proud of my behavior and feel that I have done something that other roosters cannot do.Haha Haha Haha Those technicians all laughed at this scene.In this way, Zhao Wei stocked all these small animals on this artificial

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Do Diet Pills REALLY WORK To Help You To BURN FAT Faster? Slim 5 Diet Pills island.These days, he Slim 5 Diet Pills also comes here every day to observe these little animals.See if they can survive in this new environment.In the first few days, Zhao Wei Slim 5 Diet Pills XyLEAN boasts a clinically proven phase 2 carb controller appetite suppressant, water retention and energy boosting formula. It helps reduce cravings, overeating, carbohydrate uptake as well as blood sugar levels. The presence of theobromine increases blood flow in the body, which leads to improved water movement and added energy. was still Slim 5 Diet Pills a little bupropion india nervous.After all, these little animals are all transported from the fat burning pill earth.The environment of the earth is of course different from the environment here.Although in this lunar city, Zhao Zhongyao and the others created an environment similar to the earth.The air quality here is the same as the air quality on earth.The vegetation growth here is food suppressor the same as on the earth.There is also adipex results before and after an artificial sea.The entire land and water ratio is also very suitable.It is Boosts Energy & Metabolism Slim 5 Diet Pills designed completely in accordance with the proportions on the earth.But what made Zhao Wei happy is that these little animals lived well in the first few days.As long as Slim 5 Diet Pills you see Zhao Wei, he is always alive.Especially the big cock.Whenever he saw Zhao Wei coming, he would fly to the tree, as if he was welcoming the host.The other small animals are the same.When they see Zhao Wei, they all look excited.It s like thanking Zhao Wei for letting them get free.You can live freely on this artificial island.But after another few days, the situation is not so good.Because one day, when Zhao Wei came to this moon city.He didn t see the big rooster welcoming him on the big tree.I did not see other small animals moving around.Looking at the situation, Zhao Wei felt that the situation was a little bad.After all, what he saw before, he hasn t seen it now.

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