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herbal massage

Hot Herbal Compress Massage

A herbal massage is a traditional type of Thai massage. According to our guests, the treatment is a unique experience. Stretching, acupressure and hot herbal compresses combine to provide the utmost in muscular and mental relaxation. The blend of traditional Thai herbs used in this massage has a relaxing and simultaneously invigorating effect on the body and mind. It is soothing sore and over-worked muscles, while giving a boost for the body's energy level. If necessary herbs can even be custom-blended for individual needs, colds, flu, other illnesses, etc. Hot compresses are also excellent for stiff, sore or pulled muscles and ligaments, back pain, arthritis, chronic pain or injury, disorders of the internal organs, skin diseases, migraines, and chronic stress or anxiety. Herbs for the compresses are blended with attention to the therapeutic needs of the individual, and are heated in an herbal steamer Warm herb bundles are applied directly to the skin during a massage session.
We can offer body massage with herbs and also herbal foot-spa(footmassage

At the 4th floor of our salon we have a special (air conditioned) room for herbal massage. In a quiet corner at the ground floor we offer foot-spa which is a mixture of refelexology and a treatment with herbs.

Prices herbal massage in our air-conditioned and comfortable massage rooms

1 Hour 350 Baht
1½ Hour 450 Baht
2 Hours 550 Baht
1 Hour foot spa: 500 Baht but temporaly only 400 Baht

BUT....temporaly only 400 Baht

Herbal Massage: Foot Spa

You can also choose for foot spa: a mixture of reflexology and a massage treatment with herbs. After a lot of walking or shopping, this is a wonderful treatment...
Pamper yourself with this luxurious treatment during an hour of relaxation.
There are several steps in this special treatment:

•  Herbal & foot soak
•  Foot & leg salve scrub
•  Foot & leg mud
•  Foot & leg massage
•  Herbal balls compresses
•  Powder for foot & leg
We finish this treatment with a short relaxing Thai massage from head, shoulder, back and neck.

1 hr --- 400 Baht
Open daily from 09.00-01.00 a.m.  

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