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Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient healing art employing a unique system and technique. By using pressure points on the body, this massage can relieve tension,pain,strain, stress, headache, backache, stiff neck, etc. Thai massage promotes healing, mental relaxation and improves your blood circulation.

The essence of this kind of massage is very different from what is generally associated with the word ' massage '. Most traditional western and eastern massage practices focus on tissue manipulation and the working of the muscles and joints. Thai Massage barely touches on either of these. It is rather a working of the pressure points, energy lines, and basic body forces which together produce a highly therapeutic effect. This kind of massage is performed on a mat(on the floor), rather than on a raised table. This allows many movements and procedures that are not practical or effective in table work, and even sometimes impossible. Specifically, mat work allows maximum effective use of the practitioner's balanced body weight, rather than mere muscular force used in other types of massage.


Thai massage price
in standard airconditioned room

½   Hr. - 150 B.
1    Hr. - 250 B.
1½ Hr. - 350 B.
2    Hr. - 450 B.

Open daily from 09.00-01.00 a.m.    

Shewa Spa
108/2 Rambuttri Road,Banglampu Bangkok 10200, Thailand
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open daily from 09.00-01.00 a.m.
Shewa spa

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