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oil massage

Oil Massage (Swedish Massage)

We massage essential oil into your muscles using gentle techniques. An oil massage relieves strain, tension and is good for your skin. When your skin is exposed to the sun, it becomes very dry. So after a holiday on the beach an oil massage will moisturize and rejuvenate your skin.
Of course our oilmassage is also very relaxing and good for your peace of mind. For example: when you made a long trip or you suffer from a jet lag: try our oil massage to feel better!

What our massage makes so special, is the use of careful selected oils made from a mixture of flower seeds. At the reception we have a little shop too; that is the best place to buy a little bottle high quality oil to take home...

Sometimes our (female) customers ask if we have enough privacy. That's no problem because we can use in our salon different rooms for this kind of massage.
note: Oil massage in Shewa Spa is no sex massage . For those kind of massage you have to visit other shops.



We offer real aromatherapy massage with special oils. Due to the price of these aromatic, essential oils, the prices must be different.According to our customers, it's worth twice the difference!!

prices for oilmassage
Aroma (Swedish) in standard air-con room

  • ½   Hr. - 280 B.
  • 1    Hr. - 350 B.
  • 1½ Hr. - 500 B.
  • 2    Hr. - 650 B.


Aroma (Swedish) in private air-con room

  • ½   Hr. - 400 B.
  • 1    Hr. - 500 B.
  • 1½ Hr. - 750 B.
  • 2    Hr. - 950 B.



Open daily from 09.00-01.00 a.m.    

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